Anderson Apple Ranch



    Q:  What variety of apple do you have?

    A:  Oregon Red Delicious and Golden Delicious.

    Q:  What is the price per pound?

    A:  We are selling apples for $0.75 cents per pound

    Q:  Do you spray your apples with pesticide?

    A: Yes we do.  There was one year that we tried to leave a portion of the orchard "pesticide free," but it was a disaster!  Pesticide free apples around here means "wormy apples".  

    Q: What are your hours of operation? 

    A: We are open from 10am until 7pm Fridays and Saturdays. We may be able to accomodate another time with 24 hour advance notice. 

    Q:  Why aren't you  open longer during the week?

    A:  We have full-time jobs!  Our orchard is a delight, and we love opening it to our friends and neighbors, however we have regular jobs off-site.  

    Q:  What do you do with all the apples that fall on the ground or that remain unpicked?  

    A:  We try to sell as much as possible, then we pick for charity, like the Emmett Food Bank.


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