Anderson Apple Ranch

  • FAQ

    Q:  What variety of apple do you have?

    A:  Oregon Red Delicious and Golden Delicious.

    Q:  What is the price per pound?

    A:  We are selling apples for $0.75 cents per pound

    Q:  Do you spray your apples with pesticide?

    A: Yes we do.  There was one year that we tried to leave a portion of the orchard "pesticide free," but it was a disaster!  Pesticide free apples around here means "wormy apples".  

    Q: What are your hours of operation? 

    A: We are open from 10am until 7pm Fridays and Saturdays. We may be able to accomodate another time with 24 hour advance notice. 

    Q:  Why aren't you  open longer during the week?

    A:  We have full-time jobs!  Our orchard is a delight, and we love opening it to our friends and neighbors, however we have regular jobs off-site.  

    Q:  What do you do with all the apples that fall on the ground or that remain unpicked?  

    A:  We try to sell as much as possible, then we pick for charity, like the Emmett Food Bank.

  • Living in Apple Heaven

     I absolutely LOVE living in an apple orchard. It is a great place to hang out with my friends, or to curl up under a tree and read a good book. Although living here has been rewarding and eventful, I have also learned how to work and to not be afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to getting something done.

                Every summer, my little sister, Tessa, and I have the job of moving the irrigation pipes…EVERY DAY!!! Usually when Tessa and I wake up, after eating breakfast, we change into our irrigation clothes and move the pipes. Because I have been moving the pipes for a lot of years now, it has gotten a lot easier and more efficient then when we first started. In fact, my very first experience of moving the pipes by myself I got to the bottom of the row and almost stepped on a bull snake. Of course I screamed and ran inside. It took me a while to build my courage back up to move them again, but I am grateful for the job of moving the pipes. It has taught me how to work hard, and to not procrastinate… because you eventually have to do the job, and it is a lot easier when it is not so hot outside.

                Another benefit of working in the orchard is that I get to do these tasks with my family. Every other spring, we hire pruners to come and prune our 350 apple trees. Even though I am very grateful that I do not have their job, my family and I have the duty of picking up the branches off the ground once they are done pruning. This takes days and days of frustration and back aches. We go through each row and pick up every huge branch to the tiny slivers, and drop them in our trailer to be burned in our burn pile. As stated before though, doing it with my family makes the work more bearable.

                These are only a few of the many jobs I have throughout the year. And even though they are all hard work, and I complain like crazy when they are assigned to me, I am thankful to have been taught how to work hard and put my “all” into the things I do.


    ~Rachell Anderson, 17

  • Stay Tuned...

    The blog is currently under construction.  Check back often for updates and recipes!

  • Cinnamon-apple Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce

    You won't find the recipe here, but call ahead to be sure this favorite treat will be available for you when your family arrives to pick apples!  Friends come from all over Idaho to enjoy this sticky, rich, yummy dessert.  Don't miss out! Quantities are limited:  $12 large cheesecake, $2 personal size.